Ditë më parë
8 ditë më parë
WE GOT A DOG (emotional)
22 ditë më parë
Brandon Drake -Gulf Coast
Brandon Drake -Gulf Coast 23 orë më parë
no we call it chips but some people prob dont
lazyx Cereal
lazyx Cereal 23 orë më parë
Hi,I know this comment has nothing to do with the video,but I personally think you should give Sabre her own phone.She is 16 and you gave it to Sockie and she’s 14.And you also give sickie all the favoritism cause you spent 50 thousand dollars on sockie to meet Gordon Ramsey and you said you will make the other Norris nuts dreams come true but you didn’t.And you cant spend 700 dollars for the phone.I am a super legend since the first video and I am not here to give hate but I just feel bad.and you also but the cooking house for sockie and you have her the gaming channel and all Sabre wants is a phone she’s 16!!!!
fluixvvs 23 orë më parë
im from Canada and it would be super cool if you guys could relate to us and try canadien things
Alyse Murphy
Alyse Murphy 23 orë më parë
Tadas Abramavicius
Tadas Abramavicius 23 orë më parë
Sabre got the shoes in the soft style video
shrimpy. norris
shrimpy. norris 23 orë më parë
Biggy won fair and square because it was all matching and so good. Sabre’s was good as well it just wasn’t fully matching and her bath bomb didn’t work. Stay Shrimpy 🦐
Enoc Gonzalez
Enoc Gonzalez 23 orë më parë
When is the video where the Norris Nuts see the dog🤔
Bilingue family
Bilingue family 23 orë më parë
Norris nut you should make guiñe pig fashion in Norris nut fashion:)
Aynour Fawakhry
Aynour Fawakhry 23 orë më parë
Brown gp
☆*°•ellie*°☆ [baka]
☆*°•ellie*°☆ [baka] 23 orë më parë
I want to see more video of sabre driving
David Blair
David Blair 23 orë më parë
I'm so glad you got Baz back - watching this, my heart was beating so fast! Naz, don't be too hard on yourself - everyone makes mistakes
Kevin Harkous
Kevin Harkous 23 orë më parë
I want slender mum and papa to make there old channels
Ashley Sanders
Ashley Sanders 23 orë më parë
We call them potato chips
danielle saunders
danielle saunders 23 orë më parë
It’s a very good thing. School is more important then keeping us entertained. You can stay off as long as u wont we will still support u
Noelle’s Magical world
Noelle’s Magical world 23 orë më parë
I mean Sockie I have. Auto correct
Sadie Snapperz01
Sadie Snapperz01 23 orë më parë
I've been a legend since you did the babysitting collab with Georgia productions in 2017
Noelle’s Magical world
Noelle’s Magical world 23 orë më parë
Stockiest wants that kind of dog she will be the happiest
Noelle’s Magical world
Noelle’s Magical world 23 orë më parë
I mean Sockie I can auto correct
ryan swan
ryan swan 23 orë më parë
Biggy used two hands
Sadie Snapperz01
Sadie Snapperz01 23 orë më parë
You should name it cookie!
Aynour Fawakhry
Aynour Fawakhry 23 orë më parë
Saber is the winner for me but biggy u did good
Suleyma Hernandez
Suleyma Hernandez Ditë më parë
Wait dont u guys already have 2 guinea pigs i think i remember their names being baz and cheddar
Shwan Rahman
Shwan Rahman Ditë më parë
The dog need a leash
Majed Gush
Majed Gush Ditë më parë
6:06 that perfectly good screech
Aileen Meda
Aileen Meda Ditë më parë
I think Sabre did not cheat because she technically piped them
Gacha and Roblox creator also vlogs im Elise
Gacha and Roblox creator also vlogs im Elise Ditë më parë
She is so cute I love her I wish I could steal her form the screen
Zayuri Aguilar
Zayuri Aguilar Ditë më parë
Lol french fries are french fries and chips are chips
Elizabeth DeJarnette
Elizabeth DeJarnette Ditë më parë
we say chips
German Ruelas
German Ruelas Ditë më parë
Tbh they are all the biggest cry baby’s
German Ruelas
German Ruelas Ditë më parë
And biggy too
German Ruelas
German Ruelas Ditë më parë
Naz is such a cry baby
Candice Hastings
Candice Hastings Ditë më parë
Those speeches were so emotional I almost cried!
Sage Kapusta
Sage Kapusta Ditë më parë
As a sister to 3 dogs and other animals I have tons of experience with a toy dog I suggest getting a smaller bed because they will not end up growing to large. I suggest getting a bin filled with some toys although not to many because when you first get your dog you want to try and figure out what toys they like and don't. Make sure you are taking your dog to the groomers every so often to get them used to being the them. PLEASE also make sure you take your dog to the dog park to meet with other dogs this gets them used to being with other dogs so when you go to take them on a walk they don't bite another dog (if they do they could end up getting put down). Make sure when ever your dog is teething you and them a toy and if they bite you yell no in a deep voice. Teach them obedience please I recommend training your dog at a young age by either getting a trainer, putting them in dog school or sending them away for two weeks to get fully trained! TRAINING YOUR DOG WILL MAKE IT 100 TIMES MORE EASIER TO CARE FOR THEM!!
Brittney K
Brittney K Ditë më parë
we love the expeditions of Mama and Papa!!!
Lee Powell
Lee Powell Ditë më parë
qwq Ditë më parë
This is why you had to wait so long to get a guinea pig 😐
𝘢𝘭𝘪 Ditë më parë
congrats on your period- not to be strange. i got my period at age 10! and i understand how you feel.
Kady goss*****
Kady goss***** Ditë më parë
We call them chips
Freya’s life
Freya’s life Ditë më parë
She is so cute and small🥺
Linda Johannisson
Linda Johannisson Ditë më parë
Nazzy a tip is to get a outside cage If you say it like that. So its like fences that you put together. Then he still Can run around in the grass
Stormi Cantwell
Stormi Cantwell Ditë më parë
Let's do Justin does everything he wants for 24 hours! He really deserves it! (Also someone else wrote this first!)
mexicanxvida Ditë më parë
Stop Putting challenges with sabre needs are the Norris nuts stop on the challenge if they want it or not just give it to them because it’s not it’s not gonna be a challenge just give it to them
Kamile Ortiz
Kamile Ortiz Ditë më parë
Safia Intaj
Safia Intaj Ditë më parë
I am on pop jam. Safia Lilly you remember me?
allie Ditë më parë
Ya naz shouldn’t have a piggy
Rashell’s gaming
Rashell’s gaming Ditë më parë
Omg I saw a plane landing for the first time!!!
Kady goss*****
Kady goss***** Ditë më parë
I think sag is old enough to have a boyfriend
Safia Intaj
Safia Intaj Ditë më parë
My ALclone channel has a video about you. IT IS CALLED SAFIA INTAJ
AYLA SMITH Ditë më parë
Like best siblings ever they were so nice and it’s totally fine things happen 😁
Michaela Ansah
Michaela Ansah Ditë më parë
Omg she is to cuteeeee I can't wait to find out her name
Rashell’s gaming
Rashell’s gaming Ditë më parë
When I was outside that window:😱😱😳😳
PRINCE D SAMUEL Ditë më parë
omg i cant wait to see the norris nuts reactions to the new puppy
Rashell’s gaming
Rashell’s gaming Ditë më parë
American people say:potato chips
Rocio Gonzalez
Rocio Gonzalez Ditë më parë
Yarxz_ YouTube
Yarxz_ YouTube Ditë më parë
This vid makes me sad my dog just died today
Molly Brasso
Molly Brasso Ditë më parë
Cheyenne Seely
Cheyenne Seely Ditë më parë
and what yall call hot chips is what wee calll frinch fries
R A Ditë më parë
I Got a iPhone when i was 6😅
Jordan Puglise
Jordan Puglise Ditë më parë
After Sockie got Baz that just put a smile on my face:)
Liam Benart
Liam Benart Ditë më parë
This is fake first of all If the Norris nuts didn't know about the puppy who edited the video I mean the Norris nuts are the editors aren't they?? No hate but just try to do this in one video or something I love the Norris nuts I just had to point this out
Larisza Bader
Larisza Bader Ditë më parë
Hi norris nuts do u remeber the video where who can make the best tik tok video and naz won the iphone well i got sn iphone when i was 6 and you guys should do fidget trading but you have a hat with a norris nuts names inside then they pick a name from the hat and whoever they pick the have fidget trade with . Just sayin anyways love you bye
Aliza The Coder
Aliza The Coder Ditë më parë
Brooke: we’ll buy you the puppy My sister: OMGGGG AAHHHHH I WANT ITTT🥳🥳🥳🥳 Cause she loves dogs
allie Ditë më parë
biggy is ungrateful
Dream_Fan Ditë më parë
JK = just kidding
Elise & Sarah Roberts
Elise & Sarah Roberts Ditë më parë
i think you should do another kids turn 21 vid :) TEAM SABRE
Jacob Fontenot
Jacob Fontenot Ditë më parë
Get sabre a phone she deavers one
Gracie- mai lee
Gracie- mai lee Ditë më parë
Justin’s dream house don’t make them wait.
David Blair
David Blair Ditë më parë
Sockie shouldn't have got a point deducted - she was looking after Disco. Also, I think Sabre should have won
My deaf cat max and other forms of creative fun
My deaf cat max and other forms of creative fun Ditë më parë
They can teach the dog to skate. My cat and dog skate / roll
emma davill
emma davill Ditë më parë
Cheyenne Seely
Cheyenne Seely Ditë më parë
im an amarican legion and we call them chips
betch Ditë më parë
Art With Emilie
Art With Emilie Ditë më parë
How do you say chips in America is chips
Roxy.w Ditë më parë
In England we don’t call them thick shakes we call them milk shakes 🙂
cqrxl Ditë më parë
In America we say chips
MarsRoom Ditë më parë
congrats on the dog!!I love your vids thank you so much for being here for everyone in the hardest times I love you bye!!
Ava Hayes
Ava Hayes Ditë më parë
i haave a. guinea pig but what is. your second. guienea pigs name
Remi Simpson
Remi Simpson Ditë më parë
Just a tip, some dogs are allergic to chicken! example, my dog gets ear infections when he eats chicken
Leanna KERLEGRAND Ditë më parë
unpoxing kiaw
HelloSunshine Ditë më parë
Norris Nuts, thank you for being so gracious and kind to your fans. What you did for that little girl in the hospital might have changed her life! I hope you know how much you all mean to kids all over the world!♥️
🤍 Gacha Bear 🐻
🤍 Gacha Bear 🐻 Ditë më parë
if you haven’t already decided on a dog name, a good name could be Legend, so us legends can always be with you and the dog! :D and for the bf thing, Sabre: yes, she should! Sockie: with boundaries, and papa and mama meets them first! Biggy: in two years time Naz: no, too young.